What's Required

Become a Security Guard

Premiere Security Group conducts its own intensive security guard training course. We invite you to learn more about what it takes to become an armed or unarmed security guard in Los Angeles for Premiere Security Group.

Our Pre-Employment Screening Process

All recruiting officers are carefully screened through the Bureau of Consumer Affairs and Investigative Services for any criminal record before they are selected.

Premiere Security Group verifies previous employment records and personal references for the past five- (5) years.

Premiere Security Group provides a thorough pre-employment screening program in conjunction with a personal interview performed by the Operations Manager.

Premiere Security Group recognizes the vital importance of its manpower’s commitment to job-performance excellence. Hence, it insists that all members of its security team meet the following requirements before they are employed as an Officer at Premiere Security Group:

Licensing Requirements & Background Checks

All Premiere Security Group officers are licensed security officers and carry California licenses issued by the State Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Collection and Investigative Services.

Premiere Security Group conducts extensive interviews of its potential security service officers and investigates three years of their pre-employment background before selecting them for employment. However, for specific properties wherein classified or transportation security services are provided, we conduct investigations covering an additional two years of past employment history (total of five years).

In the event a candidate officer has formerly served in the military, Separation Notice form dd-214 is checked to verify dates, rank, reason for discharge, time lost from active duty and any possible disciplinary action taken while in the service.

If becoming a security guard in Los Angeles sounds interesting to you, please contact us to learn more about or training program.