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Having a business or hosting an event in a major city like Los Angeles requires more security now than ever before.  With the rise of violent crimes, having security guards on staff provides a peace of mind and serves as a strong deterrent. At Premiere Security Group, we realize the importance of the ever-changing security details; therefore, we are continuously monitoring the best way to implement our private security services in Los Angeles. Our highly trained team with over 35 years experience will meet with you, or your representatives, to thoroughly discuss your specific security needs and then develop a customized solution.

Available Private Security Services in Los Angeles

Both unarmed and armed security guards are there to protect people and property.  Whether you’re hosting a red carpet event, a festival, a political fundraiser, or securing a parking lot or residential community, our guards are there to secure whoever and whatever they are hired to protect.  While armed guards do carry weapons, they are professionally trained to use them only as a last resort.  Their primary function is to monitor, resolve issues without force, identify potential security threats, and alert law enforcement if a disturbance does occur.  If the need arises, they are trained to act quickly in an effort to neutralize a threat and secure the premises.

Additionally, our armed and unarmed guards can provide patrol services both on foot and in-vehicles to secure parking lots, parking structures, business parks, gated communities, and more. Mobile patrols will look for areas that could lead to potential threats such as defective doors, doors left open, defective locks, broken security lights etc. and report back to management to ensure these identified issues are addressed and resolved.  They will also ensure the premises is thoroughly protected.

Armed Security Guards

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Since 2007, Premiere Security Group has been helping to secure and protect businesses in Los Angeles and the Southern California metropolitan area.  With over 35 years of combined experience in the security industry, the Premiere Security Group management team has the ability to staff any event, function, or facility in the Los Angeles area. We offers customers a cost effective and efficient professional private security Los Angeles and 24-hour direct supervisory and management assistance to all our clients setting us apart from other security companies in the area.

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