Our Process & Approach

Security Guard Training

Premiere Security Group conducts its own intensive security guard training course. It consists of the basic elements of being a security officer, complete report writing, as well as key administrative details of working for Premiere Security Group.

Our Comprehensive Security Guard Training Program

This course teaches security personnel how to answer six of the most important questions:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. Where
  4. When
  5. Why
  6. How

The following reports are also included in the report-writing seminar:

  • Daily Log Entries
  • Fire Watch
  • Incident Reports
  • Patrol Reports

Premiere Security Group officers are tested and scored in the following areas:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Power or Arrest
  • Detailed Report Writing and Incident Reports
  • Video Training

Premiere Security Group believes training is an ongoing learning process. New techniques and procedures are regularly introduced that enable its officers in better job performance. Hence, we support and encourage our officers to continue their education in the security services field.

Premiere Security Group issues a pocket guard manual at the time of employment and further requires the officers to carry the manual during working hours.

Once Premiere Security Group is awarded the contract, the assigned security personnel will attend an on-site training where they will meet the client to familiarize themselves with the clients needs, requirements and expectations. This service is provided to our customers at no charge.


A prerequisite to job-performance excellence at all labor-intensive organizations depend on job supervision. Nowhere are such necessary measures more crucial than in the demanding security industry. Therefore, our management team is totally committed to such supervisory measures for which it has developed innovative methods and procedures that are unique in the industry.

Premiere Security Group has a “hands-on” management and supervision approach. Our management staff will meet with our field supervisors on a regular basis to discuss any changes pertaining to the location at which they provide security services to review employee’s performance and suggest new procedures for better job performance.

Again, our clients’ total satisfaction is of paramount importance at Premiere Security Group. Therefore, you can feel confident that competent and knowledgeable supervisors are continuously monitoring the facilities under our contract with you. Our supervisors perform scheduled and unscheduled visits to your locations. Premiere Security Group provides all supervisors with marked and unmarked patrol units equipped with radio communications to our 24-hour dispatch center.