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Are you searching for top-tier security guard services in Long Beach, CA? Premiere Security Group provides comprehensive protection to ensure the safety and security of your business or home. Our highly trained security officers are adept at handling various situations, offering swift responses, support, and even the ability to detain dangerous individuals if necessary. Our unique and thorough security plan integrates traditional law enforcement techniques with round-the-clock security, creating a robust security solution unmatched by others.

Benefits of Hiring Security Guards in Long Beach, CA

One significant advantage of choosing a security guard company in Long Beach, CA, is the array of services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need unarmed security guards or armed guards with specialized training, we provide options to suit any situation. While unarmed guards can handle most scenarios, armed guards are authorized to make arrests only under imminent threat conditions or when dealing with potentially dangerous vehicles.

A key benefit of hiring Premiere Security Group is our collaboration with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, ensuring comprehensive protection. We also offer regular security updates and preventive safety measures.

24-Hour Security Guards in Long Beach, CA

Security needs often extend beyond regular business hours. Our professional security guard company offers 24-hour services.

Our competitive pricing is tailored to your specific needs, considering factors like number of guards required, duration of service, and whether you need armed or unarmed guards.

Our security guards in Long Beach, CA, are often familiar with local police, enhancing their effectiveness in high-risk situations. Businesses attempting to manage security internally may face significant risks, whereas our trained professionals are equipped to handle violent and dangerous incidents safely.

By choosing professional security services from Premiere Security Group, you ensure quality customer service every time. Many of our guards are former police or corrections officers, offering swift and knowledgeable onsite support. Criminals frequently target busy areas, making robust security essential for peace of mind. Secure your business or home with the best security services in Long Beach, CA, today.

Why Choose Premiere Security Group for Your Security Needs in Long Beach, CA?

Expect more than just basic security. Our guards maintain close contact with law enforcement and emergency services, providing comprehensive monitoring and support, including security camera oversight and system information. Our armed guards are fully licensed to carry weapons, ensuring your safety. They are also trained in using body armor and other self-defense tools, capable of countering severe threats. Contact us now for more information.

Armed Security Guards

Unarmed Security Guards

Mobile Patrol Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Security guards are crucial for the protection and safety of both people and information. The cost of hiring security varies, with personalized consideration for each client’s needs. Factors influencing cost include the number of guards, threat level, job size or duration, location, and time frame.

  • Number of guards required
  • Duration of service
  • Armed or unarmed guards

Contact us for accurate pricing based on your requirements.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.  All our employed guards individually are licensed and insured, meaning you can have great trust that our company is knowledgeable and can legally handle any situation you may require.

Our security guards at Premiere Security Group are dedicated to minimizing crime risks, guarding against violence, theft, vandalism, arson, and other illegal activities. Whether armed or unarmed, our security personnel are essential for the safety and protection of businesses and the public alike.

Vigilant and Observant Security Guards

Our guards maintain a high level of vigilance, often stationed near entrances and exits to monitor activities and identify suspicious behavior. They regularly monitor security surveillance and camera footage, which is crucial for crime response and operational security.

Access Control

Do you have areas requiring enhanced protection? Our security teams patrol sensitive zones, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access. They verify identification cards, badges, and other forms of entry for businesses, events, or larger corporations, maintaining strict order and control.

Maintaining Security Logs

In addition to crime prevention and patrolling, our security guards document all incidents they handle. This official documentation, which includes conducting interviews, taking statements, and interrogating offenders, suspects, or witnesses, is a critical legal aspect of security protection.

Emergency Response

Our security guards are also trained for emergency responses, a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of security. They provide assistance and protection during medical emergencies or natural disasters, ensuring prompt and effective action.

Tailored Security Solutions

The responsibilities of our security guards are extensive and can be customized to meet specific company needs. Our highly-trained team is ready to serve. Contact us today for more information.

Security Guard Services Long Beach CA

Invest In Your Safety

Since 2007, Premiere Security Group has been helping to secure and protect businesses in Los Angeles and the Southern California metropolitan area.  With over 35 years of combined experience in the security industry, the Premiere Security Group management team has the ability to staff any event, function, or facility in the Los Angeles area. We offers customers a cost effective and efficient professional private security Los Angeles and 24-hour direct supervisory and management assistance to all our clients setting us apart from other security companies in the area.

Contact us today to learn more about how Premiere Security Group can help.